Ian McCleary

1992 Morristown, NJ
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Car Dealerships And Our Profit Driven World

There is really only one full day I have with my wife, that is Sunday. My wife works at a Car dealership which is a very demanding job. They cannot go one hour without the thought of money. They watch her and listen into her by tapping her phone to see if she is following their instructions. They are no strangers to the use of surveillance.
They don't seem to care whether she has any time for me. They have pushed her hours later on weekdays. They put it quite bluntly to her that if she wants a family she will have to find another job. A nice thought but not so easy considering the competitive nature of Capitalism and the people who represent it.
She has tried everything to change their minds and they haven't budged, nothing will even get them to compromise on her hours. They say these are your hours and they are not changing! You don't like it, go somewhere else.
Isn't that always how it is with them. The entire chain of command. They don't care what life you have outside of it. Once you have signed the papers upon being hired you are in a sense theirs. These thoughts would infuriate me more if I had to work for the company my wife works for. But luckily I work for the county and things are much different there. They unlike the car dealership where she works, don't have to be too concerned about where they are getting their money.
As for the private sector that my wife works for, they could end up losing money and that could have a slight effect on whether they do business in the future, but most large companies like GM, don't ever have to worry about going under, probably ever in our lifetime, or even other lifetimes from now, because they are worth some of them billions of dollars in stock. There is a great concentration of wealth in this country and that wealth is not going to go anywhere as long as there is a need for this system. And so this is also why we like to forget the oppression they use on us, that they would violate our freedoms in ways that we would only think was in the nature of governments to do.
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