Ian McCleary

1992 Morristown, NJ
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A New Vision For Labor A New Vision for Leisure

People know what would be good for them
But fear breaking with the Status Quo.
They have been told, Business is good for America. Anything else is that favorite word of the Right, Socialism.
For the worker, on the other hand, he knows that more could be done for Labor.
He knows that profit to the businessman always comes first before quality of life.
What capitalists call privileges social democrats call rights.
You have to fight to get even a week off
in Corporate America.
You have to beg and plead to get time off for your family. You are guilted into working overtime or working at all. You are kept on a strict diet of Fast Food and Order Out. You feel your creativity fall into a puddle on the ground as they determine your hours.
The Pandemic was a blessing to everyone but the little Capitalist merchant who complained that his business was losing money to a phony virus.
It was a blessing because then Americans realized so this is what sleep feels like? This is what I really enjoy doing with my time?
A whole other world opened up.
And the world opened to new possibilities.
It would not last long, this experiment with a new meaning of leisure. What one did with their time.
Business had to happen again as usual. Everything was back in the swingidy ding of things. People eventually longed for work again, because they had such a nice time off and there was nothing else to do at home.
A lesson to corporate management they continue to ignore.
They offered ransom money, they gave out little gift baskets , but nothing about a quality of life.
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