Henry Ainsworth

1571 - 1622 / Swanton Morley, Norfolk

Psalm Cxxxvii

By Babel's rivers there sate wee,
Yea wept, when wee did mind Sion;
The willowes that amidds it bee
Our harps we hanged them upon :
For songs of us there ask did they
That had us captive led along;
And mirth they that us heaps did lay.
Sing unto us some Sion's song.

Jehovah's song how sing shall wee
Within a forreyn people's land ?
Jerusalem, if I doe thee
Forget, forget let my right hand.
Cleave let my tongue to my palat,
If I do not in mind thee bear;
If I Jerusalem doe not
Above my cheifest joy prefer.

Remember, Lord, to Ædom's sonns
Day of Jerusalem, who sayd.
Rase, rase to her foundations !
Daughter of Babel, wastful layd.
O blessed he that thy reward
Payes thee, which thou reward est us!
O blessed he that takes, and hard
Against the rock thy babes doth crush
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