Hendrico Valentijn

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Lost chance (20/02/2019)

Standing and walking, staring and stopping.
An inkling of thought consumes my mind.

A stare was shared, a kindness shown.
Hiding her smile, innocent attraction.
A vibrant strangers' dyad grown.
Eyes darting around, seeking reflection.

A gaze met, but a book read.
Uninvited regret - not, a word let

A final pass by near the corner passed
I look a final time, this won't be the last.

A sorrow by virtue of lonely
The forecast exclaims "cleared be the skies!"
Sadness exists in name only.
Painful wisdom opens eyes.

It is not about the I, but the us that is we.
See through ego of self and set I free.

They may feel as I or not as such at all.
Open our hearts so we may feather down any fall.
My limiting factor, that, is my thinking; I fear.
Submit to the gifts, to wherever they veer.

Sing the song, so happily they may dance.
Stand not still during the funny happenstance.
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