Hendrico Valentijn

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"Hello Poetry" (08/03/2019)

"Oh hi, hello poetry! You're safe and sound I see."
"On this odyssey, we're companions aren't we?"

"uh, yes I'm quite sure we've met!"
"When? Uh, from before I was dead."

"You mean to tell me you don't remember?"
"All the words we shared before life's ember?"

"Yes, yes I know you're old and sometimes forget."
"Sorry, didn't mean to scold, please don't be mad.

"I know I'm just one of your many friends,
the beauty on the uniqueness it depends!"

"You know what poetry, when I'll be long gone."
"I'm happy that with another you'll move on"

"Goodbye poetry, goodbye words of ours."
"Hello poetry, every letter amongst the stars"
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