Hébert Logerie

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Freedom Should Not Be About Race

All of us should know by now that there’s one race:
The Human Race. Narcissism and nepotism
Are destroying the very febrile fibers of our society
Greed and narrow-mindedness, at an increasing space
Are eroding our soil like mites devouring the mechanism
Of our ingenuity. This is odious. What a sad and sorry pity!
Freedom is about being at liberty to do things on our own
Freedom is about being in control of our destiny
Freedom is about using our God-given talent to be
And to do whatever inspires us at dust, at dawn
Or at any time to make the world a better place for all
Freedom is about exposing the lies and walking tall
While telling the truth in the best interests of the planet
Freedom is about saying it like it is, on the internet
In the newspapers, on the radio and to all the media
The nocuous system comes now and then with the craziest formula:
This one is lighter than you; that one is darker than you
This one is thinner than you; that one is bigger than you
This one is dumber than you; that one is smarter than you
This one is shorter than you; that one is taller than you
After meticulously reading the final analysis, you and I are the same
We all belong to the same Human Race, we need to be tame
In order to comply with the principles established by the Almighty
Otherwise, we become mentally dumb, vainglorious and really cocky
Freedom is about breaking the inessential chains in our brain
Freedom is about unclogging the flexible pipes of the dam
Freedom is about going straight to the sources
Freedom is about utilizing our best resources
All of us should know already that there is one race:
The Human Race. And for all, there’s plenty of space
Freedom is about improving things for a better and safer society
Freedom is about creating better filters to help the environment
Freedom is about respecting the fibers and the colors of humanity
Freedom is about enjoying the neoteric air under the firmament.

Copyright © August 2023, Hébert Logerie, All rights reserved.
Hébert Logerie is the author of several collections of poems.
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