Hébert Logerie

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A Small Word Can Make Things Different

An accent can change a whole statement
A comma can alter the whole meaning
A small word can make things different
And a smile can enhance sightseeing.

An apostrophe can emphasize the beauty
Of a place, a noun, a country or a city
An atom can destroy our world, nothing
Is too teensy to destroy a life or a building.

The titanic ship was never too big to sink
These days, very few of us are able to think
People elect some leaders for the wrong reason
Leave me alone. Pay, pay, and enjoy your pain.

A small vowel can make a humongous difference
No word is too small, too petite, and too innocent
Dot the i; cross the t. Please use your common sense
An accent can naturally change a whole statement.

Copyright© March, 2018, Hébert Logerie, All Rights Reserved
Hebert Logerie is the author of several poetry books.
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