Heather McBride

December 14,1980-Connecticut
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you think the world has changed
slavery still exists today
even harriet tubman would be phased
racism gives you blurred vision
dividing lines, indecision
we want justice to be served
not the topic to be swerved
censoring the truth
to protect greater "good"
meanwhile people are being killed in the hood
feelings of being misunderstood
people sing my country tis of thee
land of the free
it's only hatred i see
you keep telling them to be quiet
you wonder why they wanna riot
haven't we learned from the past?
it's sad that people are still being oppressed
black lives don't matter any less
and don't get me started on the media
they just twist and digress
this is causing us to regress
but we need to progress
so don't be entraped or ensnared
that ism in racism
will get you locked and imprisoned
let that hate go
for the good of your soul
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