Harry 'Breaker' H Morant

9 December 1864 – 27 February 1902 / Somerset, England

The Wooing O' T

He was a bachelor, gallant and gay
She was a spinster prim -
Pretty and prim, with a wonderful way
Which had captivated him.
Oh! well knew she what he wished to say,
So - never frigid nor freezy -
Molly Maginnis managed that day
To make his saying o' 't easy.
'Bob, I shall get you a wife,' said she,
'Find some nice, dear girl for you;
Bob! please tell me the sort she must be,
Shall her eyes be brown or blue?
'Must she be of the 'plump and the pleasing' sort?
Will the 'slender and willowy' do?'
Here Robert the Bachelor, cutting her short,
Said: 'She must be just like you!
'And to me, sweetheart, 'tis distinctly clear,
There is none in the world like you.'
This fell in the fall of the finished year,
They are married now in the New.
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