Harold Pinter


The Old Days

Well, there was no problem.
All the democracies
(all the democracies)

were behind us.

So we had to kill some people.
So what?
Lefties get killed.

This is what we used to say
back in the old days:

Your daughter is a lefty.

I'll ram this stinking battering ram
all the way up and up and up and up
right the way through all the way up
all the way through her lousy lefty body.

So that stopped the lefties.
They may have been the old days
but I'll tell you they were the good old days.

Anyway all the democracies
(all the democracies)
were behind us.

They said: just don't
(just don't)
tell anyone we're behind you.

That's all.
Just don't tell anyone
(just don't)
just don't tell anyone
we 're behind you.

Just kill them.

Well, my wife wanted peace.
And so did my little children.
So we killed all the lefties
to bring peace for our little children.

Anyway there was no problem.
Anyway they're all dead anyway.
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