Hannah Woerner

02/28- Marshalltown
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Take what I have and give it to those who need
I have no need for these useless tools when I am gone
Take the heart that has loved so completely and been wounded so easily and teach the world to love to the extent I have loved, and see the pain it creates
Take the lungs that fuel my joy and teach others to find themselves in the complex simplicity of music
Take my brain, so utterly sad, and give it to someone filled with constant exuberant joy, and allow it to flourish as it could never have done with me
Take my hands and allow others to lay themselves bare with words and wit, to use literature as a far more joyful medium than I
Take my womb and allow a mother to find the love of her life, as I am not sure I can ever
Take my blood, this damn elixir keeping me alive, allow it to overtake me and fill my colorless soul with its brilliant ruby
Take my blood and allow another to live, to find life, to find joy, to find inspiration and hope, and most importantly to find love, teach them to love with my heart, to love with the force of my blood in their veins, and allow them to live and flourish in a new way.
Take my worthless life and allow me to give it worth through the joy of others
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