George Velinoff

on a dream#

Along thee
rest my bones
Under rain and trees
Fire wild my thoughts

Bewitch, astray, tire in dismay
A cry mild sweet sound of day
Light touch breath a piece of paper
cut singing on my skin
smoke sparkle smithereens
Mold behold thy sins
unfold early
as we sit
murmur curly
dances on the melted pit

Tell me of tears
like big old factories of dreams
Broken down to dreadful strides
Running late streets city stripes
crashing lights lullabies ignite

Mother whisper worry
Father crafts a bedtime story
Bear weary sick fantasies
beloved graceful beasts

Air rivers carry men to feast
high voltage, lead, insanity

Pouring venom steel noses
Revert reverse demolish
Poses crooked smile
underneath our venture
desperate fly beguile
while falling teeth
ring on mud
in liquid soil
Thrashed by stomps
of many unaware
Bombs scream
tombs tear
“Could you stop terror mid-air?”
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