George Velinoff


Picking their teeth with Achilles’s heel;
Claiming their world by making it kneel;
Making up truths to disguise they’re clueless and lonely

Forget the bitch-wolf or her self-eating kin;
Those impressed fools who’d been welcoming the fire in;
Trusted’n’guilty-the reckless saying “this is bread & bread only”

Don’t tell me how much you’ve come to know
just to loudly scoff at my pain ‘til I fall;
This bareback man ain’t in love, he’s just being watched

Merchants filling stages rehearsing prayer and kissing;
On a stool of rock craftsman asks if something is missing;
Listens patiently always because don’t like to be touched

Suspicious looks through the rows of Babylon’s library;
In the astrology department someone’s crying, is it Marie?!;
Not to be persistent, Rennet, thoughtlessness’s tower is near and very

found ourselves side-stepping into a mystery theatre; [hall]
infinity drunk in a square, whispering to the minotaur; ,..
stranded in a handful of rain, ''wakeless'' guests as flowers disappearing in caring instant
Why is this now here when it can’t be seen;
assassinations drove across in limousines;
Hate to break it to you, dear, it’s never been whole;

Baptists spilled out faith as clumsy firefighters entertain us;
following or doubting, no this can’t be Thomas of Aquinas;
Lucy takes the diamonds to do some reading in the hole;

Black gentleman and white Gavroche put smiles upon the pavement;
red hood riding after dark to become an iron maiden;
bet those thoughtful brothers prepared a grim surprise
Soon a rocket split their hope and burned itself in glory;
When wonders shake the world[cold], silence is assuring;
Magnificence eternal, but can once only die.
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