Georg Trakl

3 February 1887 - 3 November 1914 / Salzburg

Summer Dawn

In the green ether suddenly a star flickers

And in the hospital they smell the morning.

The thrush trills crazily hidden in the bush

And cloister bells go dreamlike and far.

A statue towers in the square, lonely and slender

And in the courtyard red flowerbeds dawn.

The air around wooden balconies shakes with sultriness

And flies quietly reel around the stench.

The silver curtain there before the window hides

Entwined limbs, lips, tender breasts.

A hard hammering echoes from the tower scaffold

And the moon decays white in the firmament.

A ghostly dream-chord hovers away

And monks plunge from the church gates

And stride lost in the infinite.

In the sky a bright summit lifts.
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