Gayatri Iyer

June 29 , 2000
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Corona Virus

We have been forced into silence
In the midst of the corona virus turbulence
The wait is long
Let us walk that furlong
To help one another cope with the situation
Social distancing and awareness
Seem to be currently the only solution
To this mental and emotional tiredness.

Let the miracle cure arrive
And help mankind survive.
The onslaught of this nano particle
Has left scientists slog for a miracle
To rid the world of the isolation
And enable man enjoy social jubilation.

Once in a while this silence works
Once in a while it is worth the isolation
To make man understand the importance of
Love, collaboration and affection
That gets lost in the midst of the mad run for possessions.

The corona virus with its tentacles menacing
Forcing man to go through tribulation,
Shall be overcome soon
With grit, tenacity and determination.
------- Gayatri Iyer
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