Gabrielle Maritz

December 22.1999-south africa


the masks we wear to disguise and hide the pain inside
to show a pretty face every day because that's all society wants
they don't want you
they don't want the tears or the wrinkles on your face
they don't want the bags under your eyes
your easy to replace
doesn't matter whats in your heart
all they see is the outside anyway
if you don't look the part ,there's no place for you
the world is drowning in the evil we've turned it to
there's no reword for second place
were at each others necks because we don't want to be replaced
we try to prove to everyone were the best
because being alone just brings us closer to death
in this world biggest thing is the spotlight
and that's what makes us cry at night
little girls starving themselves to look thin
and jacked up boys who damage themselves to fit in
we fill our lives with fake smiles and makeup
poisoning ourselves with diet pills and the time we take up
thoughts spill through our minds and tell them to hate us
we stand up and scream we want to be heard
but we take the mike and show were just as disturbed
were all Hippocrates in our own right
tell our friends there doing wrong
but what we do is just as wright
life's a roller coaster with all its ups and downs
smile and wave through the crowds
at all the mistakes we make
until we sit alone in that room and think about our day
cut ourselves up and start to pray
pray for god to take it all away
make it stop so we can feel alright
give us strength to make it through the next fight
but our patience wears thin and we hold onto that knife
the knife we asked to disappear that night
and we sit in the dark with our hopes torn to pieces
and cry to sleep while death becomes our wishes
so we wake up again wishing everything would end
our thoughts,our smiles,our tears and our friends
our breath,our hearts and our lives
the end
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