Gabrielle Allard

June 6,1991 - Quebec
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Fizet's Demise

There once was a simple man, lowly born
In a time of war between clan
The red might of the English
The fortress of a french parish
This man made his fortune, selling corn

Fizet the merchant saw opportunity
Louisbourg was on the edge of the sea, hungry for unity
The life of a soldier is so cold, empty of pleasure
The sea has a bite so bold, it leaves you with despair so sure
But fear not, for Fizet got the goods and he’s not demure

What was once an empty fort became a home for many
From martial drabness to a small village full of happiness
Every soul found what it needed, the merchant provided
The name of Fizet became prestigious, the merchandise truly famous
People came to the shop every day, to spend all their pay

Maybe the man became too sure of himself, too proud
As history has told, the price is steep for people as bold
Danger was on the horizon, you could feel it in the fear of the crowd
The red menace has come, citizens of Louisbourg be gone
Blinded to the alarm, the merchant went in calm

Leisurely he walked, on the periphery of the fortress
The soldiers were panicked, but he could not be pressed
In his mind invincible, he forgot to be sensible
When they saw a shadow, they took it for a foe
The bullet gave him no chance as he died by happenstance.

There once was a simple man, who climbed so high
From the lowest rung of the ladder, he became greater
He did good for the people of Louisbourg, his story took flight
Nothing is more regretful than Fizet’s demise,
In the end, he proved a merchant not so wise.
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