Franklin J. Warren

1926 / Prescott, Arizona

The Gardenia

A gardenia in my garden grows,
Beautiful and white as driven snows,
Are the blossoms fragrant and blown,
To be sure the pollen is sown!

What manner of creature that will do this,
Does not matter for this bliss,
Not knowing what is to be,
The blossom wilts you see!

The job is done and death is near,
For the blossom so white and clear,
Giving up the life for a seed,
The petals fall having done their deed!

All of life it seems is this way,
To grow and do and then decay,
What makes the human race,
Think it is different than the gardenias pace?

i see the beauty in the bloom of youth,
Yet they fail to see the truth,
That as the gardenia fades in age,
So too youth fades with different gage!

The real difference between the two,
is responsibility for what we do,
if we throw that away and have no control,
Then we have really given up our soul!
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