Franklin J. Warren

1926 / Prescott, Arizona


Now that times arrow has pierced me to the quick,

And today's society simply makes me sick,

Longing for long ago when right was to the fore,

But now it's wrong thinking and criminal gore.
We age and our hair turns to silver,

And watch what the television does deliver,

We must have lost a generation or two,

It seems those today know not what to do.
Inane faces of those doing insane things,

One shudders at what the next day will bring,

Each trying to top the worst of bad taste,

Not realizing that it's such a waste.
Science flounders in their intellectual wasteland,

Politicians swaying afraid to take a stand,

Cutting projects that we should keep,

Wasting on others makes one weep.
Crazy causes from warped minds do abound,

More than enough to go around,

The majority should really care,

As they crawl from rocks with cause to bare.
With such a small percentage of people here,

We watch the same sex call each other dear,

This is a sick society to cover such,

The percentage doesn't warrant so much.

The one to ten percent with this affliction

Coverage would suggest a major addiction,

Causes one to question motives of the news,

To cover so many in those shoes.
Politicians would allocate intellect if they could,

If at the same time stifle knowledge they would,

The main concern today is "I," "Me," "Mine,"

The main course on which they dine.
This society refuses to mature,

What it spouts is simply manure,

We could reduce the number of factions,

If we made each responsible for it's actions.
At the present if I could take this world,

And in my fingers give it a twirl,

And toss into space, just the human race, A

nd hope something intelligent will take its place.
Even if I could scream some expletive to the sky,

And cause all of the human race to die,
No other creature on this Earth would cry,
Because there would no longer be a "You or I."
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