Franklin J. Warren

1926 / Prescott, Arizona


I find this generation so short on manners,
Yet they fly their shortcomings on banners,
Rude, Crude, Socially unacceptable to observe,
They really grate on that raw nerve!

Over the years it has gotten worse,
Those with couth have gone by way of hearse,
Leaving those that I abhor,
To throw manners out the door!

I think it is a lack of intellect,
And makes this generation so circumspect,
No common courtesy, No compassion,
All this seems out of fashion!

If you are in doubt, just watch some television,
With their attitudes and derision,
They prostitute themselves for a story,
Just for that moment of glory!

There are those that all talk at once,
And makes each appear a dunce,
Ill-mannered and verbose,
Of Castor Oil they need a dose!

Then they would not be so full,
Of the stuff they try to pull,
On each other for their point,
Instead on their heads it should anoint!
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