Franklin J. Warren

1926 / Prescott, Arizona


The fingers of time reach back to the place,
From which is the origin of the human race,
Back to the pea soup of happenstance,
And the realization that we are by chance!

That here upon this earth we began,
On the pieces of the universe from which we came,
Our very essence born in an exploding star,
That from star stuff is who we are!

From these humble beginnings we now,
Strive to reach the stars somehow,
As if drawn back from whence we came,
Like some big universal game!

We try to trace our lineage back to when,
Recorded history as we know it began,
For we stand upon the shoulders of ancestors,
Going back to first awareness of others!

That we are all of the same life stuff of stars,
On our return journey with a rover on Mars,
To meet with all the other life forces,
Perhaps different but from the same sources!

May be that our lineage is the origin of the universe,
And that it will again reverse,
And start the cycle all over again,
As if our existence has never been!
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