Franklin J. Warren

1926 / Prescott, Arizona

In My Mind

Now at 82 I live within my mind,
And in satisfaction and contentment I find,
In reverie nothing to cause me shame,
With no fear of Father Time's little game.

I visited many shores around this world,
Some different and some a Pearl,
Varied people and most a delight,
Yet know not their thoughts when out of sight.

Relive events as if only yesterday,
Vivid and delightful as on that day,
So many ports and many a girl,
Reminiscing makes my toes curl.

I sometimes wonder if they ever think of me,
As I do of those I met from sea to sea,
Each a delight in their own way,
How each has faired I cannot say.

I hope their lives has been as good as mine,
And all their events turned out fine,
Now aged from the boney horseman I will not hide,
Because my life has been quite a ride!
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