Franklin J. Warren

1926 / Prescott, Arizona

I Wish

I wish there was a ubiquitous benign deity,
i would ask that he come and get me,
But i know it's just stupidity,
One would never allow what i see!

Each live and then we die,
Then put where we wished to lie,
Where we will rest for all eternity,
Because there is no deity!

Charlatan preachers will tell you otherwise,
To fill their coffers before your demise,
And could care less after you are dead,
No matter what you have read!

Each go through life with wishes and desires,
For things to be right for those he sires,
Knowing full well the exposure to fools,
That can only spout golden rules!

Even as flawed as our justice system is now,
To think it would judge somehow,
Those yet to be, is ludicrous to believe,
Yet this is what religions perceive!

So in essence we are as you can see,
Much better judgmentally than any deity,
At least we punish those necessary in the now,
And not a legacy of punishment, to our future endow!
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