Franklin J. Warren

1926 / Prescott, Arizona


A more chaotic race is inconceivable to me,
The main event is the inconsistency,
There are spurts of genius here and there,
Most of the time it goes nowhere!

And the reason it doesn't is clear to me,
There's so few with the vision to see,
Or the where-with-all if they did,
Leaving so much remaining hid!

Science struggles through the murky masses,
Intellect separating into classes,
Those with the drive to learn,
From those who education spurn!

Yet we all have similar needs,
Of love and hunger and kind deeds,
But finding it is a real chore,
Almost impossible anymore!

Our chaotic society finds no time,
To allow happiness, yours or mine,
It takes the entire family to make a living,
And if you cannot, it's not forgiving!

This society is in error,
Keeping up the inner terror,
So one cannot stop and smell the roses,
Until they are about to push up posies!
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