Francis Shipp

January 4th, 1993 - Boston, MA
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the ABCs of a revolution (No. 6)

Amateur associates amass along adjudicated
battlefields, brandishing boldened bayonets and
ceremoniously ceasing cessation of contentedness.
Directors dispatch the distinguished duty:
“Erase the entire entitled empire!”
Fire falls ferociously upon fiefs of feudal foes,
guilds of gilded ghosts greedily grasp to the
hollow hope of “humanity’s” harmony.
Inept intellectuals irregularly interject as
judge, jury, and justifiers, jovially joining
kindred killers keen on keeping
“loafing” labor localities limited.
Maximizing mayhem on man-made modalities, mutineers
nefariously neutralize naïve nobles,
opening officials to opine that other objectors are
possibly presenting pressing problems. Panicked, they
quietly question their quandary while
revolutionaries reveal remarkable, right
success. Serendipitously, supporters were simultaneous in their surreptitious
toppling of the totalitarians and the timing of their tyrants’
unpreparedness! Underscoring an unceremonious
verdict, the victors vigilantly
wait and wonder: will
youths yaw yahoos and
zealots? Or zoom us to our Zenith?
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