Fayad Jamis


The Optimistic Philosophy

The optimistic sat at the table, He looked to her around
and some of what little they found availed. They told him
that was too much nothing (in reality there were pocomucho)
but he devoured their ration without comment,
opened the newspaper, their coffee is smoked and ended
Dine in peace. He thought: I have the right to eat with joy
the pocomucho that I get while the abundance.
However they continued talking about everything there is
There is no no no. There's this or the other.
There's this or the other
and again recalled those years in which only ate
tears. There was no one to tell you not there soup or steak
or take a piece of hard bread for his hunger dog,
but never from his teeth came out speeches.
And it was now satisfied with frugal dinner. Man
He went out and began to walk as she whistled.
Electric lights reminded the future.
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