Fayad Jamis



What is for you the poetry in addition to?
a stone drilled by the Sun and the rain,
In addition to a child who dies of cold
in the Peru mine,
In addition to a horse died in lathe
to which the tinosas describe eternal
circles of smoke,
In addition to an old woman who smiles
When you talk about a new recipe
to make fried brains
(The old woman, Meanwhile, they are telling
the wonders of electronics, Cybernetics
and Astronautics),
In addition to a flaming revolver,
a closed fist, a yagruma leaf,
of a sad or happy girl,
In addition to a river that breaks the heart of a mountain?
What is for you the poetry in addition
of a toy factory,
In addition to a book open as the legs of a woman,
In addition to the calloused hands of the workman,
In addition to the surprises of the language
-that Ocean non-stop completely created by man -,
In addition to the departure of lovers
at night assaulted by bombs enemy,
In addition to the small things without a name and without history
(a dish, a Chair, a nut, a handkerchief,
a little music in the afternoon wind)?
What is for you the poetry as well as a glass
water on the thirsty throat,
In addition to a mountain of rubble
(the ruins of an old world abolished freedom),
In addition to a film by Charles Chaplin,
In addition to a people who find your guide
and a guide who finds his people
at the crossroads of the great battle,
In addition to a Ceiba tree shedding
its flowers in the air
While the farmer sits for lunch,
In addition to a dog barking you to their own death,
In addition to the rumble of planes
breaking the sound barreradel
(I think especially in our sky and our heroes)?
What is for you the poetry as well as a lighted lamp,
In addition to a hen clucking
because you just put,
In addition to a child who takes an account
buying a mamey ice cream
In addition to true love,
shared as the daily bread,
In addition to the road that goes from the darkness
in the light (and not the other way round),
In addition to the anger of those who are tortured
porqueluchan equity
and the bread on Earth,
In addition to the sliding on the wet sidewalk
and they are seeing it,
In addition to the body of a nude girl
in the rain,
In addition to the trucks that pass full
of goods,
In addition to the tools that remind us
a spider or a lizard,
In addition to the victory of the weak,
In addition to the days and nights,
In addition to the dreams of the astronomer,
In addition to what pushes forward
the immense humanity?
What is for you the poetry?
Answer very legibly,
preferably print.
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