Fayad Jamis


Master The Time To Love, Now The Night

I love the time to love, now the night
spreads in stars and lukewarmness.
In one corner I wait
biting time, looking for you
in the faces that come, in the rush
those who fear that night is lost.
I wait with my fire-stricken years,
Attached to the beast of my youth.
I want to grow in you, give you life in my hands,
get the purest ground
entirely mine, blindly mia,
creature of color most beautiful dreams.
I love the time to love. And you are the rain
because now I have your eyes
everything can explode in color and fragrance.
You are the rain that comes by surprise,
you are the clarity of my eyes, the water wanting my lips,
creature of color of the wind in the night.
I hope you, Amada mia. Bella is the night.
The voices of the people can not turn off the sound of your steps.
I feel you come hurry, invaded
of concern, frightened by something,
and your eyes look at me, asking for help
while I mido and beating time.
When you get there will not be many words.
Bella is the night, immense, and I'm thirsty, amasa.
Hurry. My hands are thirsty
I'm going to take you up to the end of the night,
there where no longer possible your return.
I will show you the old secrets and more
terrible ceremonies
the country of my blood.
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