Fathima Shihabudeen

February 22, 2004 - Thrissur
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Navy blue shirt with khaki pants
The air around you is like deep water
Rectangular glasses on the ridge of your nose
Sleeves rolled up and your watch ticking loudly

I’m the mirror you look into
You talk on and on and stir my brain
All while sipping on strongly brewed tea
Your faded eyes brim with insight

While other fathers draw lines
You push away the horizon
You taught me to dream and to see
The world through open eyes

Sometimes I think I don’t deserve you
But you erase my doubts and color my picture
The picture I have of myself in my head
Grey and full of faded lines

You’re not my gift, you’re my treasure
You’re my blessing, my oasis
You’re my ocean, my sky
You’re my breeze, my rain
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