Fathima Shihabudeen

February 22, 2004 - Thrissur
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In the turbulent sea, my ship wrecked
And my boat capsized
The waves weighed me down
The dark infinity stretched around me
There was no light above
And only darkness below
I finally gave in and was ready
To be gorged by the insatiable sea
I let go and felt a calm
That was as pure as rain
The calm felt soothingly familiar
It was the calm I had had
When I was napping as an infant
I was melting into the sea
And becoming inextricable
That was when you swam down to me
And held me as we reached the surface
The surface that I had thought
Had drowned with me
Even when I got heavier
You held me even tighter
Whenever the storm would toss us seaward
You would always find a way
The storm passed and the sea calmed down
But you didn't let go
Until we reached the shore
You laid me on the satin sand
The sky lit up and the birds woke up with me
You whispered something and waved goodbye
Your whisper made me weep inconsolably
But as time passes, your whisper makes me
Smile wider and wider
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