Fathima Shihabudeen

February 22, 2004 - Thrissur
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Only Because Of You

When I was my own enemy
You were my friend
When I felt empty
You made me feel whole

When the world was against me
You stood by my side
When I was unhappy
You became my joy

When I fell
You held my hand
When my life was hell
You were a piece of heaven

When I was hurt
You were my healing balm
When I was covered in dirt
You washed me in your pearly spring

You never told me to snap out of it
You never told me to be stronger
You never quit
Gluing together my pieces

You didn’t ask why I was silent
You spoke to me with silence
You endured me when I was violent
And gave me your shoulder to lean on

You wiped my tears
And fought the world for me
I conquered my fears
Only because of you
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