Falope Aanuoluwapo

October 28, 1998 - Nigeria
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Muddled soul

Lost in the euphoria of the world
I kept wandering, trying to figure out
Who I was, Who I am and who I will be
I have no idea what tomorrow holds
The vision seem blur

The more I think the heavier my burden
The more I try to figure out the more complex it becomes
The more I look the less I see
Have I missed it somewhere?
Is this how it's meant to be?

Where are the astrologers?
I need to read my stars
Come tell me, what seeth thou
Have I none?
Is it that tiny that u couldn't see?

Where are the prophets?
Come tell me, I pray thee
Didn't you see visions?
Hath thou gone blind this minute?
Have I no future at all?

Of course I do!
Far above thy readings
Far above thy imaginations
Far greater than your understanding!
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