Faith Brigham

May 14, 1953 - Pennsylvania
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Evil At The Wayward Inn

'No more boarders,'
the inn keeper spewed
raising her arms in the air.
People once came to the inn in droves
because it was a quaint little structure
with flower beds surrounding it

It stood on the outskirts of town
a darling little place it was
that is until the unthinkable occurred
Some tennants were good renters
perhaps the majority of them were

Then came a drifter with a scraggly beard and shifty eyes
He tried to make the inn his home
much to the innkeeper's chagrin
There was something odd about him

As the innkeeper put the red hair dye
in her graying hair
she dropped a bit in the sink
and cursed under her breath
there's a spot that will take it's time to fade

It was a dark night that the evil struck bloody screams shattering the quiet
The shifty eyed tennant took an axe
to a young woman who lived in the back
then all was silent again but for his gruesome hacks
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