Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago

Strawberry Park

In a still valley, beyond the meadow,
A park sprawls in the summery glow,
And the lemony chiffon clouds arise,
And touch sunset strawberry skies.

Black diamond crows on silken wings;
And daylight's exotic chorus sings!
Sweetest blooms scent Strawberry Park,
And starlight magic is the even dark.

Near the oaks, where the road turns,
The roving brook babbles and churns.
Lovely birds sing aloud to the silence,
As pale butterflies break the suspense!

Besides the lushness of blooming trees,
There's abundance of wild strawberries;
And solemn sunflowers nod at their idol,
In their windswept, summertime revival!

With golden footpaths, and many fountains,
It has a view of the distant mountains!
Wild, wild, days scream at Strawberry Park,
And beautiful, scented shadows after dark!
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