Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Night Train

Snow-clad, wondrous, Christmas eve,
Trains take flight, if you believe.
By the window, huge snowflakes fly,
As down below, sleepy towns go by.

I hear a caroling in the night,
As colored lights twinkle bright!
Can it really be the blessed Mary,
Her angelic song quite customary?

At the lustrous edge of tomorrow,
With its sacred, golden sunrise glow,
Slowly along, glides the holy train,
In the starry sky, like an airplane!

While below, on still Candy Cane Lane,
Toy soldiers stand before frosted panes,
Among the sleighs and huge lollipops,
As the falling snow piles on rooftops!

Softly twinkling stars and glowing moon,
The joy filled dawn will be coming soon,
With memory of a song that'll never end,
For this eternal gift is a true Godsend!
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