Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago

A Spectrum of Bliss

God gave the world color to add interest and beauty,
Matched and perfectly blended, from purples to ruby,
From autumn leaves to endless lavender fields of joy,
And from forest birds, to evening sunsets we enjoy!

Cherished sweet blooms, crowding the gardens of summer,
Days like the gay peacocks, strutting past in a blur!
The orchards of sunshine days, ripe and pretty to eat,
And the whiteness of winter, giving relief from heat.

The moments of springtime are brimming with greenness,
From vivid tulip fields to honeycomb's amber sweetness,
And the profound blackness of each starry jet midnight,
And the pale changeless moon, lending its silver light!

Clouds that change colors according to the sun's mood,
And the brightly hued harvests that we consume as food,
Rainbows and bright planets, such as our neighbor, Mars-
I'd dearly love to read, Earth's kaleidoscopic memoirs!
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