Estelle Jackson

April 13th, 1977, England
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Realisation (or The Seven Ages of Woman)

7 years:
Night waking, legs aching.
Bendy thumbs impress my chums.
"Growing pains".

11 years:
Start to feel sharp pain in heel.
Teachers now see I'm failing P.E.
"Achilles Tendonitis".

12 years:
Dislocating jaw, always sore.
"What do you expect? You're having your teeth rearranged.
And besides, you have a Low Articular Eminence."

14 years:
Nothing can calm searing pain in arm.
"Repetitive Strain Injury."

24 years:
Everything seems to crack; increasing pain in back.
"Well, you're not a teenager any more!"

26 years:
Tripped over own feet, banged elbow in street.
Small joints dislocating, everything else aching.
"Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Yes, it explains a lot."

30 years:
Music teacher, student, mother and wife.
An achy EDSer leading a full and busy life.
"A serious case of Determination
Accompanied by a liberal does of Bloody-Mindedness!"
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