Esha Mahmood

March 22 2004 - Pakistan
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How can a man be so cruel?

Ask me what gushes
Red, bright, with my blood:
Wrath at the cruel beast!
Rage at the man so vicious!

Who eats a precious heart,
A soft, a loving heart.
To him a juicy piece of meat,
He sqeezes, tweaks and tears apart.

Damn the man to the depths of hell
Who dares damage a shining soul
To him just a pretty dazzling doobry.
I wish it became his death knell!

Who causes a pillow to be wet,
While he snores being oblivious
To the sound of sobs at night,
Sore eyes after sunrise yet -

The silent sufferer doesnt scream
For who would help the victim?
I know, I'm wrong. I know, He will:
The giver of justice, Al Hakam.
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