Esha Mahmood

March 22 2004 - Pakistan
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Heart of gold

I met a woman with silver hair
And golden heart,
I talked to her out of
So fair a thing i had yet not seen:
Harmless, lovely, kind,
As a newborn child.

And defenseless too.

I was in hurry,
She seemed not.
Softly, i asked excuse
And went about my busy day
While, airy felt
My heart.

It was,
I met her again.
Her eyes were burning,
Her tears were
The smoke.
She saw me and she smiled,
Her eyes she tried
To hide.

I asked her what happened
"Its a funny world"
She said.
Her hand was on her chest,
She mumbled
She's okay.
I did not listen to her.

I knew what had happened.
Her heart of gold,
They stole it.
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