To Coridon, On Shutting His Door Against Some Ladies.

Conceited Coxcomb! tho I was so kind
To wish to see you, think not I designed
To force my self to your unwilling Arms,
Your Conversation has no such Charms:
Think less, those lovely Virgins were with me,
Would thrust themselves into your Company;
They've Crowds of Gallants, for their Favors sue,
And to be Caressed, need not come to you:
'Gainst handsome Women rudely shut your Door!
Had it been Sergeants(1), you could do no more:
Faith, we expected with a horrid yelp,
Out of the Window you'd have cried, help! help!
What Outrage have you offered to our Sex?
That you should dread we came but to perplex:
Or since I saw you last, what have I done,
Might cause so strange an Alteration?
Till now, your wishing Eyes have at my Sight,
Spoke you all Rapture, Ecstasy, Delight:
But at the Change, I have a Critic(2) guess,
So much of Friendship to me you profess,
More than your lazy Tongue can e'er express;
And your performance hath been so much less:
That Debtor-like, you dare not meet my Eyes,
Which was the reason of your late Surprise.
I'll tell you, Sir; your kindness to requite
A loving Secret, merely out of spite:
A Secret four and twenty Moons I've kept,
I've sighed in private, and in private wept;
And all for you: but yet so much my Pride
Surmounts my Passion, that now were I tried,
And the Heart so long I've wished for, prostrate lay
Before my Feet, I'd spurn the Toy away:
And tho, perhaps, I wish as much as you,
I'll starve my Self, so I may starve You too:
And for a Curse, wish you may never find
An open Door, nor Woman when she's kind.
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