The Change Or Miracle.

What Miracles this childish God has wrought!
Things strange above belief! who would have thought
My Temper could be to this Tameness brought?
I, who the wanton Boy so long defied,
And his Fantastic Godhead did deride,
And laughed at Lovers with insulting Pride:
Now pale and faint, beneath his Altar lie,
Own him a great and glorious Deity,
And want the pity that I did deny.
For my proud Victor does my Tears neglect,
Smiles at my Sighs, treats me with disrespect,
And if I do complain, with frowns I'm checked.
Though all I sue for, be the empty bliss
Of a kind Look, or at the most a Kiss,
Yet he's so cruel to deny me this.
Before my Passion struck my Reason blind,
Such Generosity dwelt in my mind,
I cared for none, and yet to all was kind.
But now I tamely bend, and sue in vain,
To one that takes delight t'increase my pain,
And proudly does Me, and my Love disdain.
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