Seeing Strephon Ride By After Him I Supposed Gone.

Stay lovely Youth! do not so swiftly fly
From her your Speed must cause as quick to die:
Each step you take, hails me a step more near
To the cold Grave: (nor is't an idle Fear)
For know, my Soul to you is chainèd fast,
And if you make such cruel, fatal hast(1),
Must quit its Seat, and be so far unkind,
To leave my fainting, breathless Trunk behind:
Your Sight unthought of, did so much surprise,
You might have seen my Soul danced in my Eyes;
But the cold Look you gave in passing by,
Froze my warm Blood, and taught my Hopes to die:
When you were past, my Spirits soon did fail,
My Limbs grew stiff and cold, my Face grew pale:
My Heart did Pant, scarce could I fetch my Breath,
In every part nothing appeared but Death:
Yet did my Eyes pursue your cruel Flight,
Nor ever moved, till you were out of Sight:
But then, alas, it cannot be expressed,
I faint, I faint, my Death shall tell the rest.
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