Passion Discovered.

I Thought, I'll Swear, that I could freely part,
With the small Theft I'd made of
'Tis true, of Him I still had in my Breast,
Some busy Thoughts that did disturb my Rest:
Yet like wild Passion it did not seem,
But looked like Friendship, or at most, Esteem.
I thought his Heart was a too glorious Prize,
To be a Trophy to my twilight Eyes;
And when with Sighs he has his Passion showed,
A thousand times I've wished, it were bestowed
On sweet
(1); thinking none beside,
Had Worth enough, to be young
And begged of Love, that he would give her leave;
He smiled to see me thus my Self deceive:
Fancying that lazy Friendship, that (alas!)
Too late I found an active Passion was:
To undeceive me, brought that Shepherd, where
I, and
both together were:
The Swain surprised, to me did hardly lend
A squinting Glance; but to my Beauteous Friend,
Fierce Wishing-looks from dying Eyes did send.
I turned my Head, and sighed at the Disgrace,
While Love and Jealousy raged in my Face:
Love laughed outright to see my Discontent;
Now Fool (said she) thy fatal Prayers repent.
Malicious God (quoth I) so much above
My Self or Intèrest, I
That still I wish, that lovely Nymph and he united were
But wish not now the Killing-news to hear.
1. The spelling of Marina is inconsistent in the original.
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