Last Farewell To J.G.

Farewell thou soft Seducer of my Eyes,
That, in Love's shape, didst Cruelty disguise,
No longer shall thy lovely Melting Charms
Bewitch my Soul, to please its self in Harms;
No more I'll show'r down unregarded Tears;
No more I'll break my Rest, with Am'rous Fears;
With Scorching Sighs, I'll blast my Lips no more,
No more thy Pity I'll in vain implore;
In Languishment, no more my Eyes I'll dress,
But reassume that Heart thou didst possess;
For since the Guest thou would'st not entertain,
It was but just, it should return again:
Now 'tis my own again, with care, and Art
I'll guard each passage that leads to my Heart;
Love shall Resign, and Reason shall command,
And Care and Wisdom Sentinels shall stand:
My treach'rous eyes, nor thy more treach'rous tongue,
Shall not betray me as they've done too long:
Nor will I cast one single Thought on Thee,
Unless my Heart again Assaulted be;
Then I'll remind it of thy Cruelty:
And though the Headstrong Passion should prevail
Against my Reason, yet this barb'rous Tale
Would make the Rebel willingly Submit,
And change the Fever, to an Ague(1) fit:
For who again would venture on that Shore,
Where he'd been split and Shipwrecked once before.
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