Intended Farewell To J.G.(1)

Farewell, Dear Love! may'st thou have in Excess,
Pleasure, Delight, Content, and Happiness:
Oh may thy Joys but equalize my Grief,
Thine great, above compare, as mine beyond Relief:
'Twere vain to wish Fate would to thee be kind,
'Twere vain for thee to bribe the Sea or Wind,
'Twere vainer yet to fear a Storm or Fight,
Who know thy Worth, such thoughts as these will slight.
The fates their Duty so well understand,
Without my Wish, they'll bring thee safe to Land;
Thy Merits and its charge, Heaven so well knows,
'Twill guard thee, though unprayed to, from thy foes,
If thou hast any; But sure no one can
Bear hatred to so Great, so Brave a Man.
But if by chance, thy Prince's Enemy
Should hope to make your Ship their Prize to be,
Tell the Brave Captain, that he need not fear
Their Force, though Strong, for if thou but appear,
With Awful Reverence they'll straight Retire,
And hold it Impious one Gun to Fire:
Saved by thy Pow'r, they'll all acknowledge thee
The Guardian Angel of the Ship to be.
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