First Farewell To J.G.

Farewell my dearer half, joy of my heart,
Heaven only knows how loath I am to part:
Whole Months but hours seem, when you are here,
When absent, every Minute is a Year:
Might I but always see thy charming Face,
I'd live on Racks, and wish no easier place.
But we must part, your Interest says we must;
Fate, me no longer with such Treasure trust.
I would not tax you with Inconstancy,
, you are not so kind as I:
No Interest, no nor Fate itself has pow'r
To tempt me from the Idol I adore:
But since you needs will go, may
(1) be
Kinder to you, than
is to me:
May all you meet and every thing you view
Give you such Transport as I met in you.
May no sad thoughts disturb your quiet mind,
Except you'll think of her you left behind.