Duchess Of Richmond And Lenox.

As he that Plants a tender Vine, takes care
To shelter it from the cold Northern Air,
And place it where the Vigor of the Sun
May Cherish it, till it be stronger grown:
So I, that must a blooming Bud expose,
To greater Dangers than the North wind blows;
Under some happy Shade would have it grow,
Where it secure from Blasts may kindly Blow
Than Your great Self, none fitter can I find;
For You, to all that need your Help, are kind:
So great your Power is, none will pretend
T'oppress the Smallest thing that You defend:
Your Noble Clemency bids me be Bold,
And lay it at Your Feet, Fear bids me hold;
Asks how I can but hope, that you, who enjoy
Such Mighty Wit, should mind so poor a Toy?
But Fear I'll Banish, Hope shall be my Guide,
And I will Act a Miracle of Pride:
Omit th'Address that all to Greatness use,
And beg you'd Patronize an Infant Muse:
Give leave the front may with your Name be dressed,
And then the World will value all the rest.
All know, great Madam, that you do Inherit
Your Noble Father's far more noble Spirit:
In generosity you've Wonders done,
And Bounty's Prize from all Mankind have won:
Your Face was always Beauty's Standard thought,
Where all Pretenders to be tried were brought:
Such noble Constancy dwells in your Breast,
Such gen'rous Scorn of Fortune you've expressed,
Ev'n when the greatest of her Ill you've had,
A Father's fall, as undeserved as sad:
Lost crowds of Noble Friends, a large Estate;
You bravely bore these sad Effects of Fate:
The Noble Richmond, and Great Howard(3), are
Losses that nothing ever can Repair:
Such Valiant, Comely, Loyal, Gallant Men,
The Court must never hope to show again:
Yet you with Patiènce these Strokes sustain.
More Fortitude's in your Heroic Mind,
Than can be shown again by Woman-kind:
Had I a less Souled Patron, I should fear
This idle Trifle would offend your Ear:
But Madam, your Indulgence doth extend,
Not only to Encourage, but Defend