Ela Omoosin

In the City of Ibadan on a Wednesday, I infiltrated this world.
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Resilience and Gratitude

In life's journey, a tale unfolds,
Of wishes and prayers, both silver and gold.
Yet heed this caution, a truth worth its weight,
Fulfillment's embrace, a double-edged fate.

Dreams come alive, a symphony of delight,
But pressure sneaks in, shrouding the night.
Burdens may gather, with success in hand,
To nurture resilience, we must understand.

In the tapestry of life, gratitude we weave,
A thread that binds, allows hearts to believe.
With grace, we dance through trials and glee,
Embracing each moment, both wild and free.

For when dreams align, and wishes take flight,
Resilience and gratitude are the beacons of light.
They lend us the strength to face storms untold,
To find joy in the journey, no matter how bold.

So let us cherish the blessings we find,
The dreams that unfold, the prayers intertwined.
In every step we take, let grace be our guide,
And with gratitude's heart, let love be our stride.
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