Ela Omoosin

In the City of Ibadan on a Wednesday, I infiltrated this world.
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"Radiance Unveiled: An Angel's Guiding Light"

In life's theater, you grace the stage,
An angel in disguise, a timeless sage.
A light that pierces through the darkest night,
Guiding lost souls towards hope's gentle light.

With every step, compassion you bestow,
Hearts bloom like flowers, your kindness aglow.
A tapestry woven with threads of grace,
You touch lives deeply, leaving a lasting trace.

Strength and wisdom interweave your soul,
A heart of gold, making broken spirits whole.
A mother's love, a wife's steadfast embrace,
Daughter's tenderness, friend's warm grace.

In gratitude, I hold your friendship dear,
A rock of support, wiping every tear.
You're a symphony of inspiration, a beacon so bright,
An angel dwelling among us, in plain sight.
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