Ela Omoosin

In the City of Ibadan on a Wednesday, I infiltrated this world.
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A Mystery Man's Journey into Marriage

Once solitary, now in twain,
A path uncharted, a heart's new domain.
From single hues to wedded blend,
A mystery man's tale, let it ascend.

Accustomed to solitude's gentle sway,
The single life, the favored array.
Yet fate's tender touch, a love's sweet call,
A journey begun, shadows to install.

Whispered words, a mantra so dear,
"I am married," echo, crystal clear.
Each utterance a step, a gentle glide,
From 'me' to 'us,' side by side.

The mystery deepens, as vows are exchanged,
A canvas of promises, meticulously arranged.
To love, support, and care, a sacred creed,
In each other's arms, to find what's needed.

Smooth transition, a dance of grace,
Two souls intertwining, hearts embrace.
In this enigma, the story unfolds,
A journey of love, as life beholds.

From solace to sharing, the path takes form,
A mystic transition, through life's norm.
He cares, he loves, his wife's guiding light,
A mystery man's journey, through day and night.

Through whispers of devotion, he holds her near,
Through trials and joys, he wipes each tear.
As time unfolds, this journey, this dance,
A love's embrace, an eternal romance.
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